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January. . .the new September

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

As a retired health education teacher of thirty-two years, I fondly look back to the beginning of each new school year. On the first day of classes our middle schoolers would bound off the bus looking fresh and eager with their trendy new outfits and adorable back to school haircuts. They'd anxiously ask for directions, diligently memorize their new locker combinations, and quickly figure out the most efficient way of getting from one class to the next. My eighth graders would arrive to class with shiny new binders and a full set of sharpened pencils, teaming with excitement! They were ready to learn! They were willing to do whatever it would take to achieve their goals! Above all, they were excited to start a brand new adventure!

Sound familiar? For many triathletes, January signifies the start of a new training season. This year marks my thirteenth year in triathlon and my fifth year of working with my coach, Vinny Johnson (QT2 Systems). After enjoying two and a half months of reflection and recovery (my new "summer"), I'm feeling ready to embark upon a brand new adventure with high expectations of both my coach, and of myself. In many ways I feel like an anxious pre-teen, eager and excited, equipped with new anti-fog goggles and a clean slate on TrainingPeaks. My 2019 goals have been thoughtfully established and my races have been carefully selected. After eating dozens of holiday cookies and tasting four new brands of bourbon, it's time to get my game face on!

For me, this year will focus more on consistency, and less on perfection. I'm going to attack my key workouts with a sense of adventure and not allow myself to get bogged down by fear of failure. This year, I'm going to capitalize on all the little things I can do to increase my performance. Cutting out simple carbohydrates (outside my workout window), getting quality sleep, and waking up my lazy glutes will be at the top of that list. I am excited and ready to perform!

Happy New Year, triathlon peeps! May 2019 be full of fun, fast adventures. . . and may the excitement of January carry you over your final finish line.

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