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Reviews from our athletes

Fran is one of the most positive individuals I have met within the triathlon community.  She connects with all her athletes and inspires us to be better athletes. Fran uses a collaborative approach of coach/athlete as partners.  I am an active participant in my training and am not just being told what to do.  She reviews each workout download with a keen eye and adapts future workouts based on what she saw in my workouts during the previous week.  With Fran you get genuine, constant feedback and not just casual comments that could be easy to make just by a quick look at the data.  She reads all my post workout comments and makes active use of my feedback to establish future training.   In the short amount of time that I have been coached by Fran, I have seen immense improvements in all disciplines of training.  I recently dropped almost 7 minutes off my sprint triathlon time, which is something I never imagined would be possible, and I have improved my overall fitness to a level that I have never seen during over 25 years of training.  I couldn’t speak higher of Fran’s knowledge, commitment, and true love of coaching and seeing her athletes succeed.  Fran is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend her for athletes of every skill level!                 -Wendy Colonno

I have had the opportunity to work with Fran on many different occasions-she does an excellent job blending the physiological and psychological aspects of training, and really takes great care of her athletes. Highly recommend.        

                                                                                           - Kevin Kearney, Excel Aquatics

I have had Fran Vincent as my personal triathlon training coach for two seasons.  In those two seasons, Fran has help me reach my personal goals and helped me to improve my performance.  Fran’s quick review of the days data, allows quick adjustments to the workout for the week to maximize results.  Fran is known for her upbeat, can do attitude that helps on those tough training days.   

                                                                                                     - Nunzio Peleggi

As a coach Fran took her time to learn what I needed, as an athlete and as a person.  Not everyone is the same; we all have different goals and skill sets. Fran understands this, especially with the challenge of me being a Type 1 diabetic.  I did my first half Ironman in 2016 and I had no coach and very little experience swimming and running. This wasn't the best of ideas but I finished. . .barely.  I was very hesitant to even try a full Ironman distance, since my experience at the half distance was not very satisfying.   I met with Fran in the fall of 2016 and she began coaching me in Feb 2017.  She got me through Quassy 70.3, Lake Placid Half Marathon, Tinman Olympic, Lake Placid Ironman, and Lake Placid Half IM.  I got stronger in every one of these races, but more importantly, I had much better control of my sugar, and my overall health.  In 2018, I decided to just have fun and I continue to train and work with Fran, not to race, but rather to maintain my new found health and continued success as an athlete that happens to have diabetes.  I tell her all the time I never would have become an Ironman without her.  She had faith in my skills and took her time to learn what I needed, and all she ever asked of me was to do the work and trust the training.

-Colleen Dolan

Vincent Multisport has been a life changer for me. Not only has Fran helped me to stay on track to reach my goals, she has also been a great support system with all her experience and knowledge.

I have been doing triathlons for 4 yrs but this is the 1st time with a coach. It is such a difference. I don't know how I managed without her. Fran you have me for life!

-Rachael Angelini

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