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Triathlon Coaching

Vincent Multisport offers one-on-one coaching to athletes of all levels. Team Vincent is made
up of 10-15 select athletes who are enthusiastic and goal oriented. I am attentive to my athletes'
unique life circumstances. My coaching style is direct, but nurturing. With input from my
athletes, I carefully plan each workout to directly target their unique needs and to help them
accomplish their individual goals. I ask for the best from each athlete with the understanding that
personal relationships, work, health and the athlete's safety take precedence over winning.

One-on-One Coaching Includes:
● Threshold tests to determine HR (and power) zones
● Comprehensive workouts, downloaded to TrainingPeaks weekly
● Feedback on all key workout submissions
● Unlimited communications via emails, texts and phone calls
● Individually tailored race plans for “A” races
● “Team” training,
educational, and social events

Applications for team membership are accepted in September and October, but inquiries are welcome
at any time. Please contact me for additional information.

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